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Ride UK/Europe on your own bike

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Tour UK and/or Europe in Summer 2017 with shipments from Australia into Athens (Greece), Barcelona (Spain) and Felixstowe, UK

Most people want to organise their own tour of the UK/Europe, so we are NOT providing a guided tour.  Clients wanting a packaged self guided tour can be catered for by requesting information on our Isle of Man TT Festival tours.  

Each year there will be 2 shipments from Australia – ex Melbourne, ex Sydney & ex Brisbane. From each port there needs to be a minimum of 10 bikes, or you'll need to take your bike to another port for loading.

We arrange shipments so that your bike is in the United Kingdom between the following dates:

spacer New Zealand Shipping

2017 dates bikes shipped to Felixstowe, UK

Shipment No

Collect bike in Felixstowe

Bike Drop off/return shipment loading days

Two shipments each from





all subject to a minimum of 10 bikes

Early loads in Aust early March

Late loads in Aust mid May

Early shipment

Tuesday 2 May, 2017



Late shipment

Monday 17 July, 2017


Tuesday 11 July, 2017

Tuesday 19 September, 2017

Monday 16 October, 2017

other possible shipments in August & Oct - all subject to a minimum of 10 bikes to any Aussie East coast port destination

We can do occasionally change the return loading dates to suit clients. You will be consulted and it's only done with the approval of all bike owners in that shipment - you will be advised in advance.

Please Note: Pick up time is 9am – 10am and drop off time is 9.00am. Monday to Friday.
Please organise your flights accordingly.

These dates allow people to visit the following events:

North West 200 at Coleraine, Port Rush & Port Stewart Northern Ireland

Catalan MotoGP at Montmello Circuit near Barcelona

World Superbikes Misano San Marino

British MotoGP at Silverstone

Dutch TT at Assen (last Saturday in June each year)

World Superbikes - Czech Republic

World Superbikes Donington Park

For those wanting a longer stay overseas we will use the same availability date (Tue 5 May) and you have a choice of 4 return shipment dates. Please bear in mind that if we have not enough (or too many) bikes for each of these shipments that your bike may not be returned to the same port from which it was originally shipped.

If your holiday does not match these dates, secure storage is available at the Felixstowe depot - £12.00 per bike per week.


For Standard size bikes: $3440 RETURN
(Standard size bike is less than 2.3 metres long)

For NON- Standard size bikes: $4780 RETURN
(bike is longer than 2.3 metres)

Gold Wings BMW K1200LTs &
other very large bikes: $5960

One way Prices:

For Standard size bikes:$2360

For NON- Standard size bikes: $3450

Call us on 03 5625 9080
Email dave@getrouted.com.au for non standard bike pricing


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